2 Categories for Penalties: 
*Category 1 - Jogai - Stepping out of bounds four times results in loss of match.
*Category 2 - All others penalties including face contact, mubobi, and illegal techniques.
4 penalties within either category result in disqualification. Penalties can jump depending on severity.
Penalties are cumulative.  No penalty points awarded to opponent for hansoku chui.
•Sanbon Shobu - 3 point match, 2 minutes running clock. Only full points awarded, all attacks 1 point.
•No face contact allowed - excessive contact, automatic disqualification. Even light touch will be a penalty. Point for undefended face punches within 2”.
•In the event of a tie, 1 minute sudden death - first point scored wins. If still tie after 1 minute, judges decision.
• Illegal targets: knees, groin, throat, eyes, joint attacks.
• Gloves mandatory. Dipped foam and kempo style gloves and MMA gloves will not be allowed.
•Rigid protective gear of any sort will not be allowed. 
•Hard contact lenses and "regular" eyeglasses will not be allowed. Safety lenses ok.
•There will be no match for 3rd and 4th place. We will award two 3rd place medals.
•Jyogai (stepping out of bounds) 1st offense warning, 2nd offense warning, 3rd offense hansoku chui, 4th offense - hansoku - loss of match.

•Those with less than two years of training may perform any Heian, Pinan, or Gekkisai kata.
•Those with two or more years of training may perform any kata of their choice.
•The scoring range will be from 5.0 to 7.0, with 6.0 being average. Incomplete kata will be given 5.0.
•With five judges, the highest and lowest scores will be eliminated, total the remaining 3.
•Tie-Breaker One: selects the highest of the lowest remaining three 
•Tie-Breaker Two: selects the highest of the highest remaining three
•With three judges, all three scores will be counted.
•Only the first 3 places will be awarded medals.


Nikkei Karate Tournament Rules